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1400 litres refrigerated cabinet, available with 2 opposing stainless steel or glass doors, or 1 door and 2 half doors or 4 stainless steel half doors.

Suitable for storing


Pre-packed meat

Fruit & vegetables


Dairy products


Pre-packed fish


Cured meats

Maximum flexibility: perfect for gastronomy and catering.


  • Stainless-steel interior and exterior. Galvanised steel external base, top and back
  • Rounded internal angles
  • High-pressure injected polyurethane, without the use of dangerous CFCs
  • Insulation thickness: 60 mm
  • Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket. Thickness: 60 mm. Reversible with kit (Code KITREVPORPK on request);
  • Front electronic control panel with 1 NTC thermistor in TN (normal temperature) models, and 2 NTC thermistors in BT (low temperature) models
  • Standard removable monobloc and tropicalised refrigeration unit (+30° room temperature and 60% relative humidity) using R452A gas
  • Standard fan stop
  • Automatic defrosting and condensate evaporation
  • Height-adjustable stainless-steel feet (110-190 H mm)
  • Ready to use

Standard set-up

6 hook kits.
6 plasticized grids GN 2/1.
Fan stop.
Door edge resistance only for BT model (Low temperature).

The type of packaging includes a shockproof wooden support and plastic protections for the feet that are easy to remove.


Typology of refrigeration
Ventilated (V), Static (S)

Available versions
Stainless steel
PV glass doors
1 door, 2 doors, 4 doors
Double temperatures
With built-in group (CG)
Without group (SG)

Available sizes
LENGHT 1420 mm
DEPTH 800 mm
HEIGHT. 2030 min - 2105 max mm

Operating temperature
+ 0°C
+ 10°C
NT normal temperature
- 18°C
- 22°C
LT low temperature
Test data: temperature + 30°C / relative humidity 60%


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