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A determined pursuit of quality

Each of our products must have the best of us, of our knowledge and skills, it must always be a little more than the previous ones, to be able to offer more, beyond the required limit.

This is my idea of quality: figuring out how to make production better every time.
Domiziano Giacon

Our products meet the most stringent sanitary hygiene regulations for food safety, food storage and refrigeration (HACCP).

All our products are designed to ensure the best functions and performance for modern catering.

We directly carry out and meticulously control every step of the production process to achieve impeccable quality standards.


Tecnodom quality

  • In-house design by our research and development department
  • Pre-production testing and verification
  • 100% Italian and in-house production
  • Specialised technical personnel and continuous training
  • Technologically advanced machining and advanced automation
  • Quality control during all manufacturing phases
  • Specific certifications for each model
  • HACCP certification for hygienic health regulations on food safety


All our ovens, refrigerators, displays and refrigerated cabinets are developed in-house, by our technical department: products that are always innovative, designed by making the best use of the most advanced technologies on the market.

Each product, before being mass-produced and made available on the market, is developed in a pre-series format so we can perform all the tests and checks necessary for quality control and to obtain the certifications.

The complete production process is under our direct control, taking advantage of all the latest technologies with processes that allow us to go from coil to packaged product ready for shipment.


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