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When I bought my first shed, in Vigodarzere, near where I grew up, I slept with my sleeping bag in the office: I finished work at 4 a.m. and had to be ready to start loading the truck at 7 a.m. the next morning.

I have always wanted to work here, in Veneto, Italy, because I believe in my country and the people who live here. It is the spirit of these places that animates us, that pushes us to always give our best even when faced with the greatest difficulties.
Domiziano Giacon

Our warehouses are always stocked with all the components needed for production


Our placesĀ 4.0

  • Smart production: new production technologies that create collaboration between operator, machines and tools.
  • Smart services: all "IT infrastructures" and technologies that allow the integration of systems; but also all structures that allow, in a collaborative way, to integrate companies (supplier - customer) with each other and with external structures.
  • Smart energy: paying attention to energy consumption, creating better performing systems and reducing energy waste according to typical Sustainable Energy paradigms.

The main plant in Vigodarzere (PD) covers an area of 80 thousand square meters with approximately 400 employees. It includes departments dedicated to research and development, but also packaging and packing for shipping.

We firmly believe in Made in Italy, and we are convinced that success in the market depends on a company's ability to complete, in-house, as many stages of the production process as possible. For this reason, our sheds are fitted with all the technologies that allow us to go from coil to packaged product ready for shipment.

From punching machines to laser cutting, from bending machines to panelling machines, from tube processing machines to sanding machines, everything is under our direct control for higher product quality, total process control and greater responsiveness by not being tied to material supply from external companies.

We produce a comprehensive and ever-expanding range of high-level solutions for restaurants and catering around the world, allowing them to choose from vertical or horizontal refrigerated cabinets, pizza tables, neutral equipment and state-of-the-art cooking systems, as well as specific technological supports in the medical field, for which a specific line has been created.




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