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Our soul

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to do all this,
but I know that half of the credit goes to those I have by my side, to Patricia, my wife.

Tecnodom has become what it is thanks to both Patricia and my children.

We always depend on those who are close to us and if you don't have a close family, you won’t get far.
Domiziano Giacon
  • Patricia


    When our first child was about to be born I was in Romania, visiting a customer. Patricia told me the baby was on its way so I drove 22 hours to get home before the birth, just as she was going into labour and I was there to take her to hospital.
    She had waited for me, she was sure I would get there in time. She was counting on me and I was counting on her.

Jonathan Giacon

TECNODOM Production Manager
All TECNODOM production is followed and carried out in-house

Kevin Giacon

MEDDOM specialises in specific industrial refrigeration systems for medical, healthcare, hospital and pharmaceutical sectors

Steven Giacon

JKS Refrigeration manufactures cold rooms and large industrial refrigeration systems.

Our children

All three of our children, from high school onward, came to the company. In the mornings they went to school, and in the afternoons they came to work.

Not to be managers, but starting with the basics: they were starting from the bottom up, they had to learn the trade because you can't manage others if you don't really know the work they do.


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