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Digital convection self-cleaning oven, with or without steam injection, capacity 5 or 10 teglie o griglie 600x400 mm o GN 1/1.





Core probe

Delta T°

Fan speed setting




Suitable for baking









self-cleaning, no worries!


  • Trays supports in chromed steel
  • Magnetic door opening switch
  • Safety temperature limiter
  • Openable and easy to clean internal glass
  • Easy to use side display on the right side of the oven
  • 0/1 switch for total shutdown and main power supply interruption
  • Fans with alternating operation
  • No. 4 fan speed settings with self-test of the motor’s operating status
  • No 99 programmable and editable recipes
  • No 5 programmable cooking for each recipe: possibility of adjusting time, temperature, humidity and core probe parameters automatically during the cooking cycle
  • Direct humidification system on fan, with automatic and selectable percentage setting from 0% to 100% on dedicated display, as well as manual injection by button
  • Smart control of the oven’s energy consumption so as to conform the temperature during cooking even at low fan speed
  • Real – time display of cooking status via dedicaed displays for time/temperature/humidity and possibility of quick adjustment of parameters even during oven normal operation
  • Cooking time setting in minutes and hours or in “infinity” mode
  • No. 4 washing modes “rinse / soft / normal / full” using 2 products directly from the tank through pipes
  • Stainless steel washing rotor, designed to remain mounted even during normal oven use, removable only in case of maintenance
  • Visualization of the oven alarms directly from the display
  • It is possible to select the unit of measurement of degrees on the display: °C or °F
  • It is possible to select the language (italian / english / french) in the operating messages
  • On-off signaling of operating status and hood exclucion button (if installed)

01 - Door hinges mounted on bronze bushings for longer life of the opening mechanism. 

02 - Door and oven condensed water system drain.

03 - Maximization of the cleaning operations thanks to the foldable internal glass of the cold door.

04 - Stainless steel cooking chamber with rounded corners.

05 - Magnetic switch for controlling the door opening status.

06 - Interlocking gasket fixing system.


Standard set-up

Cooking chamber in stainless steel
Power supply for connection 220-240V 3F 50/60 Hz 380-415V 3F+N 50/60 Hz
Stainless steel bivalent flush supports for standard pastry trays 600x400 e GN 1/1
Adjustable feet
0/1 switch for total shutdown and main power interruption
Fan with alternating direction operation, speed adjustable

Available versions
5 pans - grids
10 pans - grids
With or without Sabina hood

Available sizes
LENGHT 920 mm
DEPTH 845 mm
5 pans 770 mm
10 pans 1170 mm


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