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Made in Italy

Between 2009 and 2011 we started designing the first baking systems.
I spent a whole month, all day, every day, at a bakery to understand how baguettes were made. My ovens had to learn from the baker himself.

I always wanted our production to be really our own, so everything was designed by me (including all the components) and made in-house (excluding the glass and some gaskets), all exclusively Italian production.
Domiziano Giacon

For us, the Made in Italy Brand must really take on the meaning of designed and made in Italy for all its elements, from the screws to the delivery packaging.

All our products are designed and made entirely in our seven production facilities in the province of Padua.

Every element, from the individual component to the packaging, is made in Italy.


Tecnodom excellence

  • In-house design and development
  • Direct control of the entire production chain
  • Italian components only
  • Eight production plants in the province of Padua
  • Export all over the world as Made in Italy excellence 

Our production is specifically dedicated to professional users: refrigerators and refrigeration systems, neutral equipment and cooking systems for the catering sector.

Designed and manufactured to provide an excellent response to all the technical and commercial requirements that a constantly evolving market demands.

They are designed in-house, in our Research and Development department, operating a continuous search for new and better performing materials and state-of-the-art technical solutions.

All components used are of Italian origin, developed in-house or manufactured in Italy.

This guarantees product excellence, knowledge and experience that are the result of authentic and incomparable technological know-how, exported all over the world.

It is for these reasons that we are able to make specific modifications to our standard equipment, with customised set-ups to meet any of our customers' needs.


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