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Always attentive to hygiene and health regulations (HACCP), the environment and the quality of our products (RAEE), we were the first in Europe in electrical safety (IEC, IECEE and CB), food safety (eACT FOOD SAFETY) and energy sustainability (eACT ELR).


Our certifications

  • IECEE CB TEST CERTIFICATE for electrical safety
  • eACT FOOD SAFETY for food safety
  • eACT ELR for energy labels on our products
  • eACT EU GDPR for data protection
  • RAEE for waste disposal

We adopt a quality management system in application of ISO 9001 latest version as a strategic decision for continuous improvement of all manufacturing processes and to ensure the ability to provide products that meet customer and applicable mandatory requirements.

The quality management system is integrated with the organisational model in full application of the commitments and responsibilities defined in the code of ethics.

All of our products, before being placed on the market, are tested by accredited laboratories, recognised worldwide by international schemes. The have successfully passed stringent tests and obtained the CB TEST CERTIFICATE in accordance with the IEC system of conformity assessment schemes for IECEE.

IECEE CB SCHEME is an international system that facilitates the trade of products in different countries around the globe by promoting the harmonisation of national standards with international standards and the cooperation of National Certification Bodies (NCBS).


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