series saladette
Stainless Steel Catering Line
Saladette Pizza Tecnodom
Suitable for storage
Saladette Pizza Tecnodom
Stainless Steel Catering Line
Suitable for storage

Saladette Pizza

General characteristics

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior, with the exception of the external base in galvanised steel;
  • Rounded internal angles;
  • High-pressure injected polyurethane, without the use of dangerous CFCs;
  • Insulation thickness: 40 mm;
  • Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket;
  • Front electronic control panel with NTC thermistor;
  • Static refrigeration with air shaker;
  • Standard removable tropicalised refrigeration unit (+40° room temperature and 60% relative humidity);
  • Automatic defrosting and condensate evaporation;
  • The motor compartment can be opened to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the condenser;
  • Height-adjustable plastic feet (80-10 H mm);
  • Ready to use.

Standard equipment

  • 1 GN 1/1 plasticized grid;
  • 1 pair of door guides.

Available version

  • Stainless steel

Type of refrigeration

  • Static with air shaker.
tecnodom saladette pizza aperta
bacinelle polipropilene
Polypropylene bowls
Available sizes
Operating temperature
Normal temperature
Temperature test data:+40°C / Humidity60%

Energetic Class
Energetic Class
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