series ATTILA
Stainless Steel Catering Line
Maximum speed in the temperature reduction process
abbattitore attila
Suitable for chilling
abbattitore attila
Stainless Steel Catering Line
Maximum speed in the temperature reduction process
Suitable for storage


General characteristics

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior, with the exception of the external base in galvanised steel;
  • Rounded internal angles;
  • High-pressure injected polyurethane, without the use of dangerous CFCs;
  • Insulation thickness: 40 mm;
  • Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket;
  • Front panel with electronic control board;
  • Ventilated refrigeration;
  • Standard easily removable tropicalised refrigeration unit (+40° room temperature and 60% relative humidity);
  • Blast chillers designed and arranged for remote refrigeration units as well;
  • Opening rear grate and removable unit for easy maintenance;
  • Defrosting with timed evaporator at end of cycle, and lower bowl for condensate water;
  • Cycles can be set with a core probe between +3°C and -18°C, or timed;
  • Height-adjustable stainless-steel feet (60/90 H mm);
  • Suitable for both GN 1/1 grids and 600 x 400 mm trays;
  • Ready to use.

Standard equipment

  • Chamber probe;
  • Needle probe;
  • Steel universal guides GN 1/1 and 600 x 400 mm.

Steel universal guides:
(6 for ATT03/_TH – 10 for ATT05/_TH – 14 for ATT07/_TH – 20 for ATT10/_TH – 30 for ATT15/_TH – 40 for ATT20/_TH).

Available version

  • Touch;
  • Digital;
  • With built-in unit (CG);
  • Remote version (SG).

Type of refrigeration

Ventilated (V)

temperature abbattitori

The advantage of using

  • Time optimization in the kitchen;
  • Rationalises working time;
  • Reduces weight loss per portion;
  • Expands menu possibilities;
  • Reduces cost of supplies and raw materials;
  • Reduces scraps;
  • Preserves food organoleptic properties;
  • Improves food protection.

These advantages will be transformed rapidly into greater earnings and less stress in the kitchen: in favour of your business and your customers.

interno camera bbattitore
Room interior
sonda cuore abbattitore
Core probe
display abbattitore
Touch display
display abbattitore
Digital display
Available sizes
Operating temperature
Temperature test data:+40°C / Humidity60%

Energetic Class
Energetic Class
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