TECNODOM S.p.A. has adopted a system for the management of the quality according to the last edition of ISO 9001 terms, as a strategic decisions in order to keep on improving all of the production processes and to guarantee the supply of products that can satisfy either the customers’ requirement and the relevant commitments. All of the products, prior being released to the market, are tested in world-wide accredited and acknowledged laboratories. The system for the management of the quality is integrated in the organizational models in complete application of the responsibilities defined by the code of ethics.


TECNODOM products successfully passed the severe tests to obtain the CB test certificate in accordance with the IEC system of the evaluation schemes for IECEE conformity.

IECEE CB SCHEME is an international system that facilitates the trade in differente areas in the world. It also promotes the harmonization of the national Rules with the international standard and the cooperation with the Nation Certification Bodies (NCBS).

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