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We are pleased to introduce TECNODOM as one of leading Italian companies operating in the  refrigeration market Tecnodom S.p.A. itself is the largest Italian manufacturer of refrigerated catering equipments.

TECNODOM, with its wide range of top quality products, is able to fulfil all the different needs of the modern refrigeration market. These unique features allow us to offer all our customers a distinctive service.

Applying to us they are sure to satisfy all their “refrigerated” requirements

All our goods are totally manufactured in Italy. TECNODOM owns 5 different premises located near Padova (about 30 km far from Venice). Our Group turnover exceeds 40 million Euros employing more than 200 people.

We proudly state that our business strategy avoid the introduction of Chinese or Far East components in our manufacturing process.

We underline that our compressors, dashboards, evaporators, condensers and all the other key parts are of Italian or European origin.

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